August 3rd, 2004
There are two bands that Magus Beast just seems to gel with; Overkill is one and Belladonna is the other. Sunday night at the Thunderdome in Baltimore was out-fucking-standing. The crowd was small but that did not take away from the energy that was in that room. All I have to say is that when one of the legends of thrash metal invites you up to sing a song with him, you go up and do it. I'm just glad that I remembered the words to Metal Thrashing Mad... Joey, if you read this we can't wait to tear the shit out of the Downtown in Long Island with you. Thanks again, it was an honor to sing with you

July 2nd, 2004
Hey - Where the F@#$%K did we go for the last few days? If you are one of those people asking the question as to what Happened to the Magus Beast website, don't worry so are we!!! We had NO CLUE as to what the fuck was going on for a day or two. It is somewhat of a long story but fuck it, everything is fine and we are back stronger than ever. Don't worry, We made damn sure something like this cannot happen again. Now on to business. First and foremost we are currently listed at #1 at Uranium's Top 10 MP3 Underground Acts. We are not exactly sure how the hell we stay at #1 but I figure get your asses over to and go find the URANIUM section and then keep clicking on our name or send them some feedback requesting more from The Beast!!!! As for a Studio update, We are really busting our asses in the studio now, and the pace has really picked up. All this crap will be done by the time we start hitting the stage again. Speaking of the stage, we have just signed on for a couple shows in August with Joey Belladonna(Former Lead Vocalist for ANTHRAX) in Baltimore and out on Long Island. On July 16th, we will be playing for Long Island's 98.5 The Bone out in Riverhead at the Bonified Kings of Rock concert series...... all these shows should be a blast, and we are hard at work on many more!!!!! If you want discount tickets for the Joey Belladonna show, go to the shows page and you can purchase your tickets right online and save a few bucks.......keep checking back for the latest news and show dates.

June 1st, 2004
Help out for a GREAT Cause! We hope you guys can help out with a cause that Bob is really involved with, the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life - a team event to help fight Cancer. There will be a fund raiser this Friday at KNIGHTS of COLUMBUS Hall, 1305 86th Street, Brooklyn, NY (in the Bay Ridge Section of Brooklyn)

You can also go and make a donation online at RELAY FOR LIFE, donations will be accepted through June 12th.

Keep an eye out for some Magus Beast news real soon, but in the meantime, let's all chip in and do what we can to help out. Thanks.

May 13th, 2004
What a surprise! The show at Don Hills on Friday the 7th TOTALLY ROCKED! The crowd was big and get this... a line to get in... can't beat that! Listen up guys and gals, we are not going to book any shows for a little bit - unless it is something we can simply not pass up. Why you ask? Because we have to get our asses in gear and finish off the new CD. It has only been 8 frigging years since our last release so we think that it is about time. We also need to find ourselves a new permanent bass player. A very special thanks goes out to P.J. and Ben from Twilight Odyssey. Thanks for letting me borrow your effects box. You guys rule. Oh and also thanks for the jack and coke I owe you guys a drink. See you soon!

April 25th, 2004
Anybody notice anything a little different? What the Fuck? Only a 4 piece? Who's on Bass? Okay, things were more than a bit out of the ordinary, but it all kicked ass anyway. Andy was up in Canada in an Ice Hockey tournament and Tim, well, Tim you can read more about him a little further down. Playing with EXODUS was AWESOME, they are stronger than ever and are a great bunch of down to earth guys. Keep kickin ass out on the road, maybe our paths will cross again soon enough... As for you guys, We would like to thank every single one of you guys for coming out to the show at the Cricket Club. Your continued support for this band does not go unnoticed!

It was also fun to run into some unexpected old friends (Bear and Gene from the band BILE), that was some of the sickest shit we have seen onstage in a long time.

Last but definitely not least, we are going to thank Joey Hartoularos from Zandelle for filling in at the last minute (and we do mean the LAST MINUTE!) on bass after Tim Malone and Magus Beast abruptly parted ways.

One more thing... We noticed some people taking pictures during the show. Send a copy to us and we will put it on the pics page with full credit to YOU.

March 30, 2004
Hey Hey - Guess what? We have been busy recording and writing new material and then all of a sudden we were offered an AWESOME opportunity. Magus Beast will be opening up for the Thrash Legends, EXODUS, at the Cricket Club on Thursday April 22nd. Go to the Shows page for more info and to purchase discount tickets. This show is going to rock!!!! Glad to see Exodus is back tearing shit up these days, the new album is AWESOME!!!!!

March 16, 2004
Well what an AWESOME response we got at the NJ March Metal Meltdown at the Cricket Club in Irvington N.J. The last time we played there we were still known as Agressor, and well I will tell ya it was a night we would like to forget. This time, however, there was a nice crowd and a very diverse group of bands, from punk to hardcore to death and finally where we roll in good old Heavy Metal-Power Metal-Thrash - whatever you wanna call us. A Good sound and loud crowd is all the '
Beast needs for a good time.

We would like to thank the promoters and stage hands for all the help. Also a special thanks goes out to Johnny O of Vyagra Music... You have one hell of a selection of CD's to sell - keep it up!

P.S. ... You guys from Pennsylvania... I heard your wise ass crack about calling us Magus Yeast Infection (funny) I will let it slide this time and only this time. Come up with a venue where you do not need steam powered electricity and the Beast will blow the fucking doors off of that shanty town. See you soon with a fuller set.

February 24, 2004
Well we will tell you one thing, the city of Baltimore definitely knows how to have a good time. The show at The Thunderdome kicked some serious ass. We would especially like to thank Choptank, Pornomint and Angel Fallen for having us in their neck of the woods(you guys kicked ass). We would also like to thank Eric and Pat for taking care of us and making sure everything was cool. The sound man Derrick and the lighting guy Steve were a frigging godsend. You have to love guys that take their jobs seriously and execute them flawlessly. Hope to be back there soon.

A change in plans. After much going back and forth, Magus Beast has had to pull out of the Sun & Steel Festival on March 6th and 7th but WILL be playing the NJ Metal Meltdown the following weekend in Irvington, NJ ( March 12-13th) Go to the shows page for advance ticket sales.

January 18, 2004
Well the 15th at Hogs and Heiffers was interesting being that it was -20 degrees outside but that did not dampen the spirits of the crowd that came out. The bar was a little slow that night, but I tell you what, you missed some pretty good bands. Now on to the 16th at the Downtown with Helloween. The show was FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The club was jammed, the music was tight, the crowd RULED and the sound was phenominal. We definitely hope to be back there again and soon. The new cd is coming along - the Drum tracks are complete and I tell you what they are fucking AWESOME!!!!! We hope everyone loves the new shit as much as we do... You will not be disappointed!!!!

December 19, 2003
OK the activity seems to be picking up finally!!!! Here we go. We have just signed on to open for HELLOWEEN out at the DOWNTOWN in Farmingdale (Long Island) NY on Fri Jan 16th. This should be an awesome show. We have a limited number of special tickets available for $20 each ( they are actually $25 - plus the surcharges at Ticketmaster - and $27 at the door). SO go to the shows page and buy them here online or email John and he will work out the details with you. Might as well save a few bucks and then waste it on BEER!!!!!!!!!

Magus Beast would like to wish everyone and their families a Happy, Healthy and Safe Holidays!!!!!!!!!

December 18, 2003
What's up??? It sucks having 2 shows cancelled in a row and both of them were for reasons beyond our control.... AAAHHH FUCK IT!!! Actually, there is a good chance that Bent Brother (TWISTED SISTER) will be re-scheduling the date at Lamour, so keep checking back and we should have the new date soon enough.....

On the brighter side, we have just signed on to play at Hogs & Heifers in Manhattan on Thursday January 15th. We will be playing with Relapse Recording artists, Rumplestilskingrinder, Screaming Ferret Records artists, Candy Striper Death Orgy, and Rut Records artists, Liquid Violence. This show should be a blast. Come on down and help us FINALLY welcome our new drummer, Bob Delmini. What better place to do it at!!!!!!

One more thing, if anybody wants to get a sneak peak at some of the new material we start recording on Monday, go to We have a couple songs on there that were recorded during one of our recent rehearsals, WARNING, they are live recordings, just like the bootlegs we all used to make back in the day!!!!!

December 17, 2003
What the FUCK!!!!!!!! We just learned that due to reason beyond the club's control, Bent Brother (TWISTED SISTER) has had to cancel their performance for this Friday at L'amour. If anyone purchased tickets from us, we will gladly give you a FULL REFUND. If any of you purchased tickets through Ticketmaster, they will be refunding your money as well.... We weren't given any other reason for the cancellation other than the show has been cancelled....

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone....

Now with all the extra built up frustration and anger, we will be putting on one hell of a show at the Tipperary Arms Club in Flushing on Jan 10th. go to the shows page for more info.

We start recording the NEW CD this week. We will keep everyone up to date as we progress, we should finish by mid January.. Keep an eye out on the site for updates and possible mp3 files to tease everyone with.... The new shit KICKS ASS

December 4, 2003
Something New??????? New as in New Blood, that is..... It is with great pleasure that Magus Beast announces the addition of former Zandelle drummer, Bob Delmini. Bob is an AWESOME addition to the Magus Beast family and will help the band move forward in all of their future endeavors. Come out and catch the Beast live with their brand new drummer, this Friday, Dec 5th at the Red Zone in Queens, NY. We will commence recording of the NEW CD immediately, shooting for a late January / Early February release

At the same time we must Send out a much more than well deserved THANK YOU to our former drummer, Steve Williams. Steve has gone way beyond the call of duty by constantly flying in for the last 2 and a half years. We also would like to thank his family for putting up with his crazy schedule during this time. We want to wish him luck in whatever the future may bring him and his family Steve will always be a member of the Magus Beast family. Thanks man!!!!

November 11, 2003:
Hey!!!!! We NEED everyone to help out the Beast and go HERE and vote for MAGUS BEAST ( at the moment they spelled the bands name wrong -magnus)
Help Magus Beast take over the airwaves all over the country!!!!!!!!!

November 4th, 2003:
Hey what's up???? First off I must announce that we will NOT be playing with SYMPHONY X at Lamour's on Saturday, December 13th. Instead, we have just signed on to open for the one, the only, BENT BROTHER on Friday December 19th at Lamour's in Brooklyn... You say WHAT THE FUCK???? Who the fuck is BENT BROTHER? Well to give you a bit of a heads up it is none other than DEE SNIDER, A.J. PERO, EDDIE OJEDA, JAY JAY FRENCH AND MARK "THE ANIMAL" MENDOZA - the original SMF's!!!!!!! IT IS A SHOW SO BIG THEY WILL NOT LET US ANNOUNCE IT BY NAME - so hence BENT
BROTHER!!!! TICKETS WILL BE ON SALE For $25 (includes priority mail shipping to you front door) go to the shows page for all the info

October 23, 2003:
What's up!!! we haven't really updated anything lately because we have been so freakin busy with recording new material and all sort of other crap like designing T-shirts and other merchandise!!!!!! Anyway, here goes...... We are feverishly trying to finish off 3 songs within the next week so we can give out some promo CD's with this kick ass new materiall to the faithful that show up to the KING DIAMOND show on Fri Nov 7th at Lamour... We still have a limited number of discount tickets for $18 ( it is $25 at the door ) check out the shows page for more info. We have also signed on to play at the Red Zone in Queens on Fri Dec 5th. The place is small, but we always have a blast playing there, so come on down and have a blast as we tear tha fuckin place apart!!! Also, we have just signed on to open up for SYMPHONY X at Lamour on Sat Dec 13th. We have some tickets available for this show as well, they are $14 per and can be order right here online by heading on over to the SHOWS page. Ok let us get the fuck off the computer and back into the Studio, Steve's plane should be landing any minute and we are spending the night working on a killer new song that we are hoping to premiere for everyone at the King Diamond show.

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