June 30, 2007

OK, so the Brooklyn Metalfest was a smashing success, but it just wasn’t the same for Magus Beast. Yes the Festival itself was awesome, with two Bone Crushing days of Metal with such greats as Ross the Boss, Cities, M.O.D, Seven Witches, Brand New Sin and so many other killer bands, but we unfortunately had to pull off the show without Ron being able to perform. He was unfortunately pulled away due to some pressing family matters that had to be tended to. It was and will be the only time that Magus Beast will perform without Ron. George from Devils Island stepped in on a moment’s notice and did a great job of filling in for us. So we say THANK YOU to George for stepping up to the plate and helping out at the last minute.

Fear not though, The Beast is already back to its old self with more shows scheduled for this summer. While we have a few others in the works, we can definitely announce that we will be part of the Metal Meltdown series of shows at Don Hills on Thursday August 2nd as part of Metal Meltdown 3. Come on down and support the scene and have a blast with the Beast as they share the stage with Castrofate, Gods of Fire, Until Destiny and Turrigenous. Hit up the shows page for more details, and you can always find out the latest at the Magus Beast MYSPACE page.

See you real soon!!!

The Beast

March 30, 2007

It is with Great Pleasure that we announce the Second annual BROOKLYN METALFEST to take place at the Hook on Friday June 22nd and Saturday June 23rd. This year’s event will be a TWO-DAY FESTIVAL with the first band hitting the stage at 7pm on Friday and at 12 noon on Saturday. Admission will be $15 dollars for single day tickets and $20 for two day passes. There will also be a FREE BBQ for all paid admissions (FREE FOOD ONLY).

This year’s festival is really shaping up to be a killer event. We have added ROSS THE BOSS - former guitarist of metal legend MANOWAR and the DICTATORS) playing a full Manowar set, BYZANTINE, SEVEN WITCHES featuring Jack Frost (Savatage, Speed, Bronx Casket Co) and former Hades/Non-Fiction Lead Singer Alan Tecchio, and BRAND NEW SIN who will be spending the Spring touring with Type O Negative. EX-ANTHRAX guitarist ROB CAGGIANO will be performing as well. Also highlighted on the bill are Queens based Metal Veterans MAGUS BEAST and Long Island’s own, CONSTRICTED. LMP Recording artists and Brooklyn Natives ZANDELLE will be performing in support of their latest release as well as New Jersey Power Metallers OVERLORDE will be playing their first show in 2 years, and their first NYC tri-state area show since the December 2004 release of its critically acclaimed CD titled RETURN OF THE SNOW GIANT. Some of the other bands that have been confirmed include: SKULLSHIFTER, VICTIM OF PAIN, TWILIGHT ODYSSEY, CASTROFATE, BORGO PASS, DEVILS ISLAND, ILLUSION OF FATE, DISBELIEVER, AUDIBLE THOUGHT, CHICAGO TYPEWRITER, AND MANY MORE!

This Festival is just what the area's Metal Scene needs and will be a great celebration of Great metal and some great fun with the BBQ. What a great way to kick off the Summer Metal Season!!!

For ticket sales go to www.ticketweb.com or search out one of your favorite bands that is performing at the event and get your tickets from them. Tickets will be available at the Ticketweb website as of Monday April 2nd, 2007.

Brooklyn Metalfest 2 will be sponsored and powered by Samson Technologies. Samson designs, manufactures & distributes high-performance wireless, audio and music accessory products in the United States and 106 countries abroad. Samson is also the exclusive worldwide distributor of Hartke Amplification and the exclusive U.S. distributor of Zoom recording, multi-effect instrument pedals and signal processing electronics.

Keep checking back here for the latest info on the festival including more bands, sponsors, etc. Go to the shows page for advance tickets or go to www.BROOKLYNMETALFEST.com for more info.

March 3rd, 2007

New Metal Haven in Williamsburg, NY - Magus Beast would like to welcome Studio B. We were pleased to share the stage with German Thrash Legends Destruction and Canada’s own Into Eternity. The temperature outside was well beyond freezing but THE METAL INSIDE WAS MOLTEN!!!! (yeah - I am a DICK!). In all seriousness, the show was pretty awesome. Its hard to believe that there are still that many metalheads in Williamsburg Brooklyn.
With great regret, Magus Beast had to cancel their last 2 shows. Both shows had to be cancelled due to some issues that were beyond anyone’s control. We are and never have been a band that cancels shows. Hell, we have been playing together for 20 yrs or so and maybe we had to cancel like 4 or 5 shows. We apologize to anyone and everyone who may have purchased tickets for these shows. Look for Ron at the bar at the next show and he will he will gladly buy you a drink!!
Keep checking back as we have plenty more shows being added to the schedule. We will also be making major announcements for our 2nd Annual Brooklyn Metalfest. What we can tell you is this year’s festival has grown to become a 2 day event which will be held on Friday June 22nd and Saturday June 23rd at The Hook in Brooklyn. While last year’s festival was great, this year’s will BLOW THE FUCKING ROOF OFF THE PLACE!!!!

The Beast

Oct 16th, 2006

Well here we go. A few new things have happened in the Magus Beast camp and we think if you show interest in the band than you should know what is going on. First and foremost it is with great regret and sadness that our drummer Bob has left the band due to medical reasons. We had a blast playing with him and he will be sorely missed.
Well we aren't ones to sit on our asses so we went to an old friend and asked to play a few important shows with us and the mighty Testament. Tony we can't thank you enough for helping us out, hopefully there will be many more screaming metal heads in the near future.
Now on to the past shows. Testament and Magus beast at the Starland Ballroom, fucking unbelieveable... enough said. Now for the Testament and Magus Beast show at The Crazy Donkey. What the fuck!!! Is the New York metal scene asleep at the wheel? The place was packed but the crowd is either standing there dead or no one gives a shit about metal anymore. What the hell did you people even come out of the house or crawl out from under that rock for? If your going to just stand there and clap like your at a girl scout meeting go back to the meeting than. You people need to let loose, scream say fuck yeah that was awesome move around a little. I mean you had some real killer warmup bands up there: Constricted, Magus Beast and Devils Island to name a few, and from what I witnessed it seems like you really didn't give a shit. What a shame. Well that's enough of that, until we meet again...

The Beast

Sept 25th, 2006

Just a quick update on the 2 shows we are playing with Testament. First off, tickets are going FAST, so get your asses in gear and get them from us and save like $10 a ticket (with all the ticketmaster charges and crap). Go to the shows page for more info.

Secondly, we wanted to announce that we will have a special guest kicking ass on drums for us for these shows. Our good friend, Tony P. from Finster Baby, will be filling for us at both of the Testament shows. Tony is an awesome drummer and will do Bobby and the Beast proud!!!!! Come check it out!!!!!!!

See ya soon!!!

The Beast

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