August 7, 2003:
What's up everyone ? We haven't written in a little while so here it goes.

First off, some GREAT News..... we have just signed on to open for the one and only KING DIAMOND at L'amour on Fri Nov 7th... go to the shows page as we will be selling tickets at a very special discounted price!!!!!!

Opening for Overkill on July 19th at Lamour was AWESOME, as always, OVERKILL packs the place with some of the most die hard metal heads in the tri-state area. Going on just before them is a true test for a warm up act.We would gladly be their warm up whenever they call. We have opened for them the last two times they have played in the area and the repsonse was nothing less than stellar.These guys are the most down to earth,cool motherfuckers we have had the pleasure of sharing a stage with. The crowd was completely insane !!!!! you couldn't ask for a better night...

Now on to Milwaulkee Metal Fest 2003.What can we say.The place is a fucking orgy of death metal bands.I personally don't get the whole growling thing, but hey,thats me. I'll tell you what, there was this one band called Slave Driver that had some real talent, but the other 5,200 bands blew. The guys who organize this cluster fuck do a fantastic job. It was probably the most organized event we have been too,But maybe we will wait out next year ( we will see what type of bands are playing next years fest) and just play the Classic Metal Fest in Chicago. Thats it for now .............The Beast

June 19 , 2003:
Hey Hey!!! We have'nt posted anything here in a while, so here it goes. June 3rd, tuesday night at Don Hills in Manhattan playing with Joey Belladonna, How did it go you ask? It was FUCKING PHENOMINAL. The crowd's response to us was nothing less than AWESOME!!! Especially from the chick who was thinking of moving to L.A. (don't do it, it sucks there). Joey and the band were fantastic, the guy sounds awesome and he is possibly one of the coolest people we ever met. We Loved hearing all those classic Anthrax songs. DON HILLS RULES for booking us that night.

Now on to the show at L'amour on June 13th. Another great response from the Faithful that came down that night. The Dio tribute band, Sacred Heart was excellent. Gene and Matt, the sound guys at L'amour are two of the best in the buisness. You guys always do right by us.

Keep an eye out for Magus Beast as we just signed on to open for the mighty OVERKILL at L'amour on Saturday July 19th. check back soon as we will be offering a number of special discount tickets for the show online.

So with that said we hope to see some of you take the trip to the Millwaulkee Metal Fest in late July.... If anybody is hard core enough to make the trip, we will be selling discounted tickets FAR BELOW the door price for the festival. Check the shows page for online purchases for tickets for ALL of Magus Beast's shows. Hope to see you guys soon. The Beast

March 30, 2003:
Check out John's interview with Rush of Power.

December 16, 2002:
Hey we would like to thank all of you for coming out to L'amour on the 15th. It was great to see the familiar faces and also some new ones. The show was Awesome. The sound was great and the response was even better. We want to thank the guys in Zandelle for giving us the opportunity to play at their record release party. You guys Kick Ass!! We would also like to thank Gene the sound man, who always does an excellent job for us. And a special shout out to Jay and his girlfriend Michelle for coming down, it was a total surprise to see you there. If anyone reads this page and you would like to know who the hell I am talking about, Jay was the sound man over at Castle Heights. There are very few sound men out there who are as cool as these two. As you might have heard, Castle Heights is now closed down and has become another friggin Mexican restaurant. We were able to play a great show as a way of showing our respect to Castle Heights during their last week of existence . We shared the stage that night with some old friends, Attack. Well, thanks again you guys and Jay, good luck in Staten Island.

Also, If anybody is heading up to the Webster Theater in Hartford, Ct on December 30th for the Stillborn Festival with HATEBREED and KILLSWITCH ENGAGED, we will be included in a PROMO CD that will be given out to the first 300 or so people that get there. The two tracks that will be included are MAGUS BEAST and IN VAIN… Keep a close eye on the website in the coming weeks as some new material will start surfacing for downloading.

November 20, 2002:
Congratulations to Andy and his wife! The Zuppardi clan welcomed their second child into this world on Friday, November 15, 2002.

Magus Beast will be performing at Castle Heights on Monday, November 25. Castle Heights are closing their doors so come see the last gig for us at the most famous metal club in Queens!

October 11, 2002:
Although we don't have any live shows booked in the near future, we are hard at work recording our new CD. We are setting our sights for a late November release. We had planned on an earlier release date but we want to put out the best possible product for our fans. So, we are taking just a little extra time on this project. In the meantime, check out a review of our live show from September in Bergenfield, NJ. The review was written by The Kibitzer from

September 29, 2002:
Hey Folks,
I just wanted to apologize for canceling the show at the Red Zone on the 28th. I know I waited until the last minute to cancel but I thought I would be able to shake this cold and sore throat. So, please accept my apology to all of you. We will let you know when the show is rescheduled.

September 24, 2002:
Well, now that's what we are talking about! L'amour, the fucking rock capital of the frigging universe, holds 52 million bands in one night on the same stage with 10 minute gear switches between bands (take any longer and it cuts into your half hour set). WHAT THE FUCK! Well, tell you what, it was frigging great! It was a packed house and the crowd was singing along. One guy knew every word to every song! How cool is that? We want to take this time out to thank all of you for coming out that night, it was definitely worth the hassle for the lousy half hour. Tell you what, if you show up at the Red Zone on September 28, we can promise you a full length set.
Special thanks to Zandelle, Gothic Knights and to all the folks from WLVR and WXLV in PA for coming all the way from Lehigh Valley, PA for the show.

September 9, 2002:
We would like to thank the few and faithful who came out on Friday night at A's Rock'n Sports Bar. Three killer bands and only a handful of people show up? Where the hell is the metal scene in the toxic waste dump they call New Jersey? Don't get me wrong, the place is cool, the sound is really good and you can't beat the dollar beers for band members! But where the hell are the local vagrants who hang out here, you can't tell me that this place stays open all year with the 5 to 10 locals that were in there? God man, how much can they friggin drink? We would also like to thank Zandelle and Finster Baby for putting on two really kick ass sets............Too bad you locals had to miss it!
Special thanks to Kenny from

August 15, 2002:
First of all, we would like to thank all the people who came out to the show at the Garfield club on Aug. 10th. Thanks to Tony the Metal God and John from Vyagra music for putting this event together. Some people who we DO NOT want to thank are the sound man and that fucking toothless douche-bag who started the fight with us in the parking lot, we hope you die the most painful cancerous death in fucking medical history. The only thing that would make it better is if we could stand next to your mother and laugh in her face as you take your final breath you piece of shit! You know it's too bad we were only able to get through 3 songs, we felt great and the crowd was into it. Hopefully we will be able to come back someday to play in Northampton, just not at the Garfield. Maybe on that mother fucker's headstone though!
Special Thanks To A.J. from WLVR. Tony, the Metal God. Jess, the Metal Goddess and last but not least, Marcus. You are intense, my man!!!

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