Magus Beast Reviews

With a name like Magus Beast, you better damn well be heavy!! Let's get to the point. Formerly known as Agressor, the band has been in existence since 1985. Legends in their own right, they have provided Metal fans with hard pounding Power Metal for a very long time...
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Super U.S. power metal in the style of Overkill's "Taking Over", early Metal Church
and a crunchier Judas Priest. Great songs and production.

All vocals, guitars, bass and drums are exceptionally great.
Reminds me of Intruder and Nuclear Assault.

East Coast power metal. Excellent Vescera-like vocals sung to a backdrop of pure power!
A superb indy release, pure power! Reminds me a lot of early Overkill, highly recommended!!

Vocals in the vein of Metal Church or Overkill give it an air of classic metallic evil. The chorus shows that these guys are actually interested in writing a memorable song rather than just a hash of riffs. The lead guitar is appropriately ripping but I was probably more impressed with the bass under the lead break. The subsequent bass/drum groove is super powerful. Extra credit for making my neck ratchet in that crazy fast outro.
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Engaging voioce I must say. Very engaging to listen to.
Sounds a bit like an experimental Judas Priest. This is good!

A mix between Iron Maiden and Death Angel Vocals.
Definitely takes me back to the days of Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Exodus and early Overkill.